Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor

Millions of British people every year love spending their holidays relaxing at a campsite. Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor specialise in products that help campers achieve the best camping experience possible. Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor develops its products to be functional yet stylish, with the brand proving extremely popular amongst many outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can view the entire collection.


With the Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor cooking collection, you can easily produce a delicious meal for the table wherever you are. The pans, cutlery sets, barbecues, and teapots are compact yet functional and finished with a beautiful look. Because the products of Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor feature stylish designs, they will look good not only on holiday but in your home too.


Sleep is important. When you are camping, you want to enjoy your night's sleep just as you would enjoy it in your own bed at home. Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor has therefore created a nice collection of sleeping products that ensure a great night's sleep. With the sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and tents from Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor you are guaranteed to be rested.

Camping Furniture

During your camping adventures, you want to enjoy the beauty of nature whilst remaining as comfortable as possible. With the furniture collection by Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor, this is best achieved through the high quality products on offer. Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor's camping furniture is functional, compact, comfortable, and offers a stylish design.


A strong, reliable light is an essential tool amongst your camping equipment. The Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor lighting collection features products such as lanterns and travel lamps. Thanks to the variety of colours and beautiful designs, the equipment in this collection will certainly not be out of place in your own home.


The right accessories can make all the difference to your camping experience. Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor has therefore created a number of accessories that will not only enhance your experience, but also look great! Because of this, you will want many of these accessories for your own home. For example, the coasters of this brand can also be used perfectly in your living room or kitchen.