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Benchmade Knife Company was originally founded in 1988 in the USA, where they are settled in Clackamas, Oregon, on the West Coast. Today they are still located at this location. In the 90s the brand gained prominence due to their butterfly and balisong knives. Today, the assortment of this high-quality brand is many times larger. Benchmade knives give you a defense mechanism but are mainly focused on the real adventurer. Benchmade is distinguished by the use of unique materials and modern production technologies. "It's not a knife ... It's a Benchmade" is the motto of this brand.

Benchmade UK

Initially Benchmade was only known for manafacturing butterfly knives, however the company has now grown so much that they offer a very wide range of knives. Outdoor Supply offers you a large assortment of these Benchmade knives. If you have special requirements for your knife, use the filter to the left.