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Bauer is an American brand that has become a market-leader in the world of ice skates and ice hockey skates and now sells their top-notch skates all over the world. Bauer skates are made by experts using innovative designs and technologies, which means that you can expect top quality from their ice hockey products. Choosing Bauer means choosing high quality, so find your new pair of ice skates on the page below!

Bauer Skates

Bauer offers a wide assortment of ice skates that are all made in accordance with very high production standards. That means that all Bauer skates will retain their quality for years to come, ensuring years of skating enjoyment. These skates come in a broad range of designs and you will find some of the brand's most popular models right here, including the Bauer Vapor, Bauer Nexus, Bauer React, Bauer Flow en Bauer Supreme S.