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Asobu is an American brand that is great at designing high quality, practical, and beautiful water bottles. These bottles have chique designs that make them great to take with you to school, work, or for your outdoor adventures. Aside from that, the bottles are highly functional and very durable, thanks to the outstanding materials used. What's more, with these bottles, you have the opportunity to flavour your water by infusing fruit or herbs! The ideal water bottle for every occasion.

Asobu Water Bottle

Are you looking for a beautiful water bottle with which you can shake up your beverage? Then an Asobu water bottle with and infuser could be just what you're after! These bottles have chique designs and are equipped with lots of handy functions, including an infuser, so you can always shake it up and have different flavours of water while on the go. Lightweight, compact to carry, diverse, and long-lasting: what more could you need from your water bottle?