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ABS is a company of German origin that is focused on producing top quality technical gear and sports equipment. The brand is perhaps best known for their collection of gear and equipment for winter sports. ABS brought out their first avalanche backpack in 1985 and is considered a pioneer of winter sports safety equipment. The brand is committed to offering high quality, functional safety gear to help you enjoy nature while staying optimally protected. Take a look at the ABS safety collection below.

ABS Backpack

ABS is a brand that is well known around the world for being a world-leading innovator in the market of avalanche safety equipment and winter sports gear. The brand offers a number of smart solutions for winter sports problems, with their most popular product being their famous A.LIGHT avalanche backpack. With this ABS backpack, you can make the most of your winter sports adventures while remaining as protected as possible. Take a look at our ABS collection on the page above.