Nomad Sleeping

Just because you are away from your bed doesn't mean you have to sleep rough! At Outdoorsupply, we offer an assortment of Nomad sleeping products that will ensure you retain the quality of your sleep. The sleeping range consists of Nomad sleeping mats, Nomad sleeping bags, and Nomad travel pillows which will provide a good night's rest on almost any surface. The sleeping bags and mats are made of incredibly durable materials and are available in a variety of colours and designs. With our sleeping assortment from Nomad, you will wake up every morning fully refreshed and ready for the adventures ahead!

Nomad Sleeping Equipment

Nomad is a top quality brand of Dutch origins. Over the years they have built up a strong reputation, putting themselves firmly on the map as a top brand in the outdoor products market. Nomad stands for independence, just like you! You can explore the world to your heart's desire with Nomad, and provide yourself with a wonderful night's sleep with the sleeping collection by this very brand. Are you after Nomad clothes? Then browse through our range of Nomad Women's Clothes and Nomad Men's Clothes.