LOWA Shoes

While perhaps best known for their famous collections of walking boots, LOWA has also produced a great range of trail running shoes. These shoes are more lightweight than their walking boot collection, and are more suitable for running. In this collection you will find some of the brand's most popular running shoe models, including the LOWA Innox, LOWA Maddox, and LOWA Ferrox. These shoes are lightweight, breathable, and offer great support for your feet. What more could you need from a trail running shoe? View our collection of LOWA trail shoes on the page below.

LOWA Trail Running Shoes

If you like walking and running on very uneven trails, then our selection of LOWA trail running shoes is just what you need. These shoes are a slightly more lightweight alternative to LOWA's famous walking boot collection, and are perfectly suited to uneven. challenging terrain. Even though they are lighter in weight and more like trainers in style, these shoes are designed with optimum support, so you can run and walk in comfort.