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LOWA walking boots meet the highest demands made by the experienced walkers, hikers, or hunters in outdoor scenarios. Although, this collection also has perfect models for novice hikers. The company produces its walking boots and other outdoor shoes with the utmost care and seeks the highest possible quality materials. This means that you as a customer are assured of a secure, comfortable fit and excellent protection for your feet and ankles. View our full collection of LOWA hiking boots, trail running shoes, and more below.


LOWA has for years one been of the most famous hiking manufacturers in the world. With their high-quality hiking boots, LOWA has a strong position in this market. All LOWA shoes are composed using a Mono Wrap construction, which ensures that the shoes are sturdy. Mono Wrap 1 improves joint stability and prevents torsional rigidity. Those are two things that come in handy during a long hike.

LOWA Boots

LOWA produces several types of outdoor footwear, all of which can be found on the page above, but perhaps their most popular collection of outdoor footwear is their impressive range of walking boots. LOWA walking boots are available in a wide range of different models, sizes, and categories, so there's the perfect pair of LOWA boots for every terrain, ability, and price range.

LOWA Renegade

LOWA boots are incredibly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, but no model is more popular than the famous LOWA Renegade walking boots. These boots are available in low and high models and all have a supportive frames with stabilisers. That means that you can tackle any terrain. In our collection, you will also find the special LOWA Renegade GTX model, which makes for waterproof and breathable walking boots. View the complete range here.

All this and more from LOWA. View our complete LOWA assortment above!