Goggle Soc

GoggleSoc is a company that started producing covers for ski goggles in 2016. Tired of damaging expensive goggle lenses, the brand came up with a way to protect the goggles when not in use. And this has certainly succeeded since the ski goggle covers are very popular. This will largely be due to the different fun prints and colors on the ski goggle covers. In this way you distinguish yourself from the rest with a unique ski goggle cover. In our range you will find a wide range with many different prints and colors. So look no further and choose your favourite!

Goggle ski goggle covers

The Gogglesoc ski goggle covers are a nice and handy addition to a ski trip. With the ski goggle covers you protect your ski goggles against damage such as scratches and against the weather elements, you can also clean your ski goggles with the ski goggle cover. The ski goggle cover is easy to put on and take off and fits on almost any ski goggles. Furthermore, the ski goggle covers are made of recycled material and are therefore environmentally friendly. The ski goggle covers from Gogglesoc are highly recommended.