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GoPro produces versatile cameras of high quality. The brand was founded in 2002, and has since gained worldwide fame. GoPro's goal is to make it possible for people to capture their lives and adventures, and to share this with others: the founders of the brand believe that life is more fun when experiences can be shared. The brand differs from the competition because GoPro offers a lot of handy software that can be used for editing and sharing the images. Not only do we have the best GoPro camera on offer, but also drones and handy GoPro accessories. Click on the link above to view our complete GoPro assortment, or to find out more about the GoPro brand click here.

GoPro Camera

GoPro is one of the largest providers on the market of action cameras. The brand is known for the production of cameras that can be used up to 60 metres under water. The initial goal of the brand was to develop a camera that could be used in extreme situations. In the meantime, GoPros are used by a diverse range of people to share all their experiences with family and friends. Outdoorsupply offers several cameras, including the HERO 5 Black camera, the HERO 5 Session camera, and the HERO 6 Black camera. For more information about these cameras and to find out which GoPro camera is right for you, you can take a look at our Advice Page for GoPro. You will also find handy accessories on our site to help push your GoPro experience to the next level.

GoPro Drone

If you want to be able to take sharp shots from all possible angles, you won't be disappointed with one of GoPro's drones. In our assortment, you will find the GoPro Karma Drone. With these drones, you are able to operate your HERO 5 or HERO 6 camera from the air. That way you don't even have to operate the camera yourself! GoPro drones are equipped with various handy gadgets. The drones, for example, have a handy (detachable) stabiliser and a return function that allows the drone to fly back if it is about to fly out of range. Thanks to the special propellers, the drone flies almost silently. These drones also have an impressive flight time! Click on the link above for more information about the GoPro Karma drones.


One of the most famous camera collections in the GoPro assortment is the GoPro HERO camera collection. These cameras are the brand's most recent designs and are perfect for helping you capture footage of your outdoor adventures and sporting performances. However, the HERO collection is not just limited to the cameras; GoPro has expanded the HERO collection with special protective casings, batteries, chargers, and some other accessories, all of which have been designed exclusively for use with a GoPro HERO camera. These extra HERO accessories will help you to make sure that your GoPro is always charged whenever you need it, and will also protect it even better when conditions are perhaps more extreme.

GoPro Karma

With a GoPro drone, you can capture some of the most amazing footage from the sky. You will find the GoPro Karma drone in our assortment, as well as a range of other items from the GoPro Karma collection, all of which will help you to keep filming the most amazing shots of your surroundings. In this collection you will find all the handy accessories and extras you could need for your Karma drone, for example the Karma battery, extensions, protective casings, and more. We have also included a selection of replacement parts for the Karma drone in our assortment, so if your drone gets damage: not to worry! In our collection you will find the Karma core, reserve propellers, replacement arms, and much more.

GoPro Accessories

GoPro cameras are designed to be small and compact so that they are easy to take with you on the go so that you can film your most exciting outdoor adventures. However, GoPro has gone one step further and designed an entire collection of accessories that will optimise your filming experience even more! In this collection, you will find protective items, batteries, adapters and more. We also have a great range of GoPro mounts that will allow you to securely attach your camera to virtually anything, whether a static item, vehicle, even a pet! Another amazing item in this collection is the stabiliser extension, which means that your footage will be super sharp. The possibilities are endless with GoPro's collection of camera accessories, mounts, and extensions.