Bobble water bottles are world famous and popular among travel lovers and athletes. These bottles are very well known thanks to the ingenious system whereby the user can filter the water. The designer of the Bobble brand, Karim Rashid, invented a special charcoal filter which filters chlorine and other organic bacteria out of the water. The bobble water bottles can be used up to 300 times, after which the filter can be replaced quickly and easily. In addition, the water bottles are made of recyclable PET, meaning these water bottles are not harmful to the environment.

Bobble Bottle

Make sure that you always have a drink with you with a Bobble water bottle! These bottles come in fun, bright designs, and are incredibly practical. Not only can you buy your Bobble bottle here at Outdoorsupply, but you can also find a replacement Bobble filter for when yours gets worn or damaged. Drink clean, filtered water every day with a Bobble water bottle!